Forex Trading

Who Is This Forex Trading Blog For?


If you’ve never tried Forex trading, but think it sounds fascinating and would like to get involved, then this blog is for you.

If you’ve dipped your toes into Forex trading before and never managed any consistent success, but you still believe that success with trading is possible, then this blog is for you.


My Mission

My mission is to introduce you to learning a skill that can totally transform your wealth. My mission is to help you achieve a lifestyle where YOU are in control of your life.

No more punching a time clock or being at the mercy of a nightmare boss. No more feeling that your ideas don’t count for anything, or being way out of your comfort zone, or simply being bored witless. No more office politics. Never again will you have to get up in the dark and commute to a job that sucks the soul out of you. Never again will you have to miss a child’s performance, or struggle to take time off work to take them to the doctor’s. Never again will you have to worry whether your pension will last until the end of the month.

You will be able to trade from anywhere with an internet connection and the better you get, the less time you need to spend trading to make your money. If you’re willing to persevere you can literally write your own pay cheques.


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Forex Trading - Learn a skill for life


Maybe you’ve run headlong into Forex trading before, thinking this was going to be the way to easy riches. You’ve floundered and blown up accounts, and maybe given up Forex trading as a bad job. It still niggles at you, though. You’re sure the secret is out there and would still love to make a go of it. This blog is for you.

I’m going to take you with me on my adventure through the Forex jungle. You’ll be with me every step of the way as I slash through the vines, try to find overgrown paths, dodge poisonous snakes and spiders, traverse the creaky rope bridges, and avoid getting sucked into the quicksand (do you get quicksand in jungles? Well, you certainly do in Forex). Amongst the ever-present dangers, though, are precious jewels lying on the ground just waiting for you to pick them up. Fabulous treasures are there for the taking in long-abandoned temples – look out for the booby traps, though! And bountiful wisdom is waiting to be discovered in ancient scrolls.


 Failure is the way forward with Forex Trading

I’ve already tried and failed twice before at this Forex game. Each time, though, I’ve come back a little bit wiser. I’ve only recently blown up my third account and, strange as it may sound, that was actually a blessing. I’ll tell you that story another day.

Failure is all part of the learning process, though. You will inevitably fail a few times on your way to success. I think this will make you a better Forex trader in the end. As long as you learn from those mistakes, of course, and don’t keep repeating them!

Where I’m at now is trying some strategies and money management techniques on a demo account while I regroup. A previous mentor of mine was so right when she said, don’t trade demo any longer than you have to. Once you’ve mastered the technical side of placing, managing, and closing a trade and you know your strategy will give you a slight edge, get some skin in the game. If you’re not playing with real money you don’t know how you’ll handle the emotional roller coaster that is Forex trading in the real world. Losses – even huge losses – don’t matter, because you’re not playing with real money and those losses don’t hurt you.


You too can live the beach lifestyle


This is one of my beautiful local beaches in Portugal. When Forex trading is your chosen source of income, you can go to the beach whenever you like.

Your Forex Trading Education

This blog isn’t going to be a Forex education in the conventional sense. I won’t be explaining what pips and candlesticks are, or talking about specific strategies. I won’t be showing you how to place a trade (though, actually, I may make some videos at some point). There are already hundreds of websites out there to explain the basics. There is one educational company out there that I do subscribe to and use, though. I will talk to some extent about what they offer in the way of tools and tuition as I’ve been very impressed with them.

What I’m more interested in talking to you about are my personal experiences. I believe we learn more from, and can relate to, people in a similar position to ourselves. We can compare our experiences and we feel better when we know others have been in the same boat. If I can show you how I messed up and then how I nailed a particular issue, it can help you improve. When you read an abstract article, however well-written, it doesn’t necessarily answer your question. If you can have a conversation with someone who’s been there, then the lights might just come on for you.

The sort of topics I’ll be covering are:

  • Trading mistakes I’ve made, and continue to make
  • The head game and how to win it
  • What Forex trading is and isn’t, and what to expect from it
  • Some hints on money and risk management
  • Helpful reading material and other resources

I really hope you find this blog helpful on your own Forex journey. I’d love to hear how you’re getting on, and if there’s a topic you’d like me to cover, then do drop me a line via the Contact page.